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Working Speed

Execution speed is very important for the both of us. Delay is not on option.


The most important aspect is quality. Whether we are talking about offset printing layouts or a simple simulation, quality is a must.


Technical details or visual issues - problems do happen and I am here to help you overcome them.

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Applicability and Benefits

Unlimited Options

Stand simulations

We're doing the concept of a stand and want to present it. Unrealistic simulation in Photoshop? No, 3D mockup.

Objects, products

We have a campaign around a product. Photo session and retouching? No, reconstruction in a 3D software.


TV spots, augmented reality, presentations, completing the shooting with various items. All of these are done in a 3D way.


Perspective, lights, objects, total freedom of movement and creativity in a 3D environment.


Transparency mask, specularity, occlusion, shadow, color, depth of field. How many hours do you spend to separate these attributes on a picture? With a clever setup you have a single render.

Happy client

Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal, Your smile is my business card.

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Well Known Software

3D / 2D / Animation

Autodesk Maya - modeling, texturing, animating, rendering (software / hardware). Autodesk Mudbox - texturing, modeling. Autodesk MatchMover - camera synchroniozation. Light Map HDR Light Studio - lighting. Next Limit RealFlow -particle simulation / fluids. nVidia mental ray - render engine

Adobe Photoshop - raster editing. Adobe Illustrator - vectorial graphics. Adobe InDesign - multipage. Adobe After Effects - animation / post processing. Adobe Premiere - post processing.

Adobe Soundbooth - sound editing. Trapcode Particular - plug-in After Effects. VideoCopilot Element 3D - plug-in After Effects.

Some words about myself

My name is Radu Petre and this website is meant to be a short presentation and a portfolio of some of my work - especially 3D.

My experience in the visual field covers over nine years of work. Five years delivering valuable results in advertising agencies, and another four years doing even more as a freelancer, focusing on the 3D environment, presentation and animation field. For me, 3D – with all its beauty and complexity, was and will always be a passion. Visual is the most powerful means of communication, an endless source of inspiration for creating great customer experience.

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