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Hello, my name is Radu Petre and I am a Graphic Designer from Bucharest, Romania. My journey in the beautiful field of professional graphics begins in 2006 as a Desktop Publishing Manager and being a fast learner ( I`m modest ) I grew up quickly to the Graphic Designer position. In time, I have had the enjoyable opportunity to work for many well-known prestigious brands as Procter&Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline or British American Tobacco, to name just a few.

3D Graphics has drawn my attention even before having my first job in the area and I began with Caligari trueSpace and 3D Studio Max, until I discovered "my true love" Alias Maya ( currently Autodesk ). I felt so fascinated that I read absolutely everything I could find at that time about this wonderful software. So, years later, here I am. Creating this website. The journey never ends. Let me help you to design yours!

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